Females Recruitment at the Council of State

Considering the presidential approach to enhance further steps towards women empowerment, by nominating her at the council of state and public prosecution, announced at the international women’s day March 8th, the council of state adopted this initiative at March 10th by approving women nomination  at the council of state from the current members of the administrative prosecution and the state lawsuits institutions on an transferring methodology.

On his behalf counselor/Mohamed Mahmoud Hossam El-din the president of the council of state announced the post-coordination held with the both judicial institutions presidents to set the basis of implementing the transferring method by the best facilities.

 He added that the council of state’s management had stipulated the requirements of the method, affirming the most significant by;

1)The member must have an excellent/ very good graduation degree.

  • The member should hold two post-graduate diplomas, by at least one of the them at public or administrative law.

3) The member should never been signed by any disciplinary penalty or remark.

4)The applicant should pass the personal interview held on by the nominated committee at the council of state.

5) Fulfilling all the legal requirements stated by the law.

As he expressed his great pleasure welcoming the women members of the administrative prosecution and the state lawsuits institutions to work as Judges at the council of state, setting that they will start working at the state commissioner’s body at the judicial section, and that he trusts that they will collaborate with their fellows at the council of state keeping on the distinguishable performance towards efficient Justice.

          On his side, Counselor/Taha Mohamed Abdo Karsouee, the vice president of the council of state and the secretary-general, announced his pleasure welcoming women to join the council of state as judges, assuring the most and best facilities for those who concern to apply for the posts at the settled dates.